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October 13, 2020  Use of Official County Drop BoxesThere have been recent reports of groups promoting unofficial ballot drop boxes that are not affiliated with Orange County, CA Elections. In some instances, they are promoting these ballot drop boxes as "official" or “secure.” The use of unauthorized, non-official ballot drop boxes is prohibited by state law.
September 17, 2020  OC Health Care Agency Wants Everyone to Get a Flu ShotWith flu season now upon us, the OC Health Care Agency is already anticipating the potentially devastating effects of a double whammy of influenza and COVID-19 cases hitting in the fall and winter months and urges everyone to get a flu shot.
October 15, 2020  County of Orange Celebrates 100,000th Customer at County Service CenterToday the County Service Center (CSC) proudly served its 100,000th customer since opening its doors on September 3, 2019. To commemorate this milestone, Chairwoman Michelle Steel and Vice Chairman Andrew Do presented the 100,000th customer with a basket containing promotional items from the CSC departments.