OC Inspection Drilling Services

Drilling and Coring Services

Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling

The Materials Lab uses a truck mounted drill rig, CME-55 and a track mounted drill rig CME-850 with 8-inch diameter hollow stem augers for geotechnical drilling to determine the subsurface soil properties. Relatively undisturbed drive soils samples at frequent intervals are obtained using California Split Spoon Sampler (2.5-inch inside diameter and 3.0-inch outside diameter) lined with 1-inch geotechnical sample rings. Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) are performed in the field using a standard split-barrel sampler (1.5-inch inside diameter and 2.0-inch outside diameter) driven in to the soil by a 140 pound automatic hammer falling through a 30-inch free fall. The sampler is driven 18 inches, and the number of blows are recorded for each 6-inch to characterize the subsurface soils.

Asphalt and Concrete Coring

Materials Lab uses a truck mounted drill rig, CME-45C and a portable coring machine with portable water supply for coring asphalt pavement and coring concrete retaining walls, concrete liner for flood control channels when ever there is insufficient compaction or questionable defects in the asphalt concrete pavement or to verify the compressive strength of a concrete retaining wall or concrete channel liner.