Materials Laboratory

The goal and responsibility of the David Dixon Memorial Materials Laboratory is to provide geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, and pavement analysis as well as acceptance testing and quality assurance of construction materials for capital project programs, maintenance programs, and development activities for the County of Orange and other eligible agencies that may seek our assistance.

  1. Provides geotechnical and foundation investigation with related requirements for all public works facilities (including building foundations).
  2. Provides soils evaluation and pavement design for all public and private streets. This frequently includes:
    1. Asphalt concrete mix designs
    2. Portland cement concrete mix designs
    3. Soil stabilizing mix designs
  3. Provides quality assurance testing on construction materials including Portland Cement Concrete, soils and asphalt concrete for all County projects, subdivision infrastructure, County property encroachment permits, flood control projects and eligible outside agencies.
  4. Provides evaluation of testers (County staff and staff of A-E laboratories) to verify procedures and correct performance of test methods and their test equipment for compliance with project specifications.