Frequently asked Questions

What is the role of the inspector in the processing of County Encroachment Permits?

Prior to permit issuance:

    The assigned inspector will receive a copy of the plans and conduct a field review prior to granting permit approval. The inspector will check to make sure the proposed project is in conformance with County of Orange Standard Plans, ordinances and safety regulations. Inspector will ensure proposed work does not conflict with existing permits or present or “known” future County capital improvement projects.

After the permit is issued:

    The Permittee will call for inspection 48 hours prior to performing any work. The inspector will let the Permittee know if a preconstruction meeting is required and will work closely with the Permittee during the length of project. When all work is completed the Permittee will call for a final inspection and if the inspector is satisfied they will sign off the permit.
How do I request an inspection?
Call the inspection phone line at 714-245-4550. An assigned inspector and direct phone number will be provided to you.
What standards for construction does the County use?
The most recent Board of Supervisors approved editions of the following publications: County of Orange Standard Plans, Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Greenbook), and APWA Standard Plans for Public Works Construction.
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