Special Projects

The Special Projects Business Unit manages and delivers County infrastructure and pavement maintenance projects through the Job Order Contracting Program. Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a unique fix unit price contract with indefinite quantity that enables OC Public Works to deliver a large number of repair, maintenance and minor construction projects under a single, competitively bid contract.
The Business Unit consists of three sections: project management, inspection, and pavement management engineering.  The overall functions of each section are described in the following paragraphs. 

JOC Project Management

The project management team administers both General Engineering and Pavement Maintenance projects, from their inception to closeout. The team serves as the lead for communication and coordination among the stakeholders.  Other duties include providing and collaborating constructability peer review comments during project design phase and monitoring budgets for the Unit. 

JOC Inspection

The Inspection team performs inspections for all projects contracted under JOCs. The team assures that each project is constructed in conformance with the plans and specifications, constraints, permits, BMP’s and safety regulations. Other duties include reviewing and negotiating cost proposals for general engineering projects and reconciling quantities with the Contractor upon project completion. 

JOC Pavement Management Engineering

The engineering team conducts field assessments and prepares plans, specifications and quantity estimates for pavement maintenance projects. The team manages the quality of roadway surface within the unincorporated County areas through the Pavement Management System. Other duties include updating the County Road Index annually and providing engineering services to other County agencies for pavement maintenance projects.